Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Smoked Scottish Ale - A Review

Appearance - A deep chestnut brown with an ever so slight hint of haze.  Tan head that dissipates too quickly for my liking, though it does leave a nice bit of lacing in the glass

Aroma - It subtly hints at the smoke with a light malty sweetness, almost no hop aroma whatsoever 

Taste - The first thing I notice is the subtle pale chocolate roasty/nuttiness, followed by a sweet round low key smoke note. The beer finishes dry and doesn't linger long

Mouthfeel - medium high carbonation, which is probably a touch too high for the beer. Somewhat light to medium light body

Drinkability - This was and has been a good easy drinking beer, but where I originally thought it would shine during the summer months I now think this is more of an early fall beer as it quite fits the cool rainy days of early fall.

Notes/Thoughts - Less carbonation next time, I also think that a lighter crystal malt would mesh a bit better with the beer, something like 40L or honeymalt

Brewday -1/3/16 - Recipe & Notes


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