Sunday, October 23, 2016

Norwegian Table Beer - A Review

Appearance - A clear pale straw color with a moderately dense head that dissipates leaving very little lacing in the glass

Aroma - This beer is all malt!  The Castle Pale malt really shines here, with hints of bread and a pils-like sweetness. Subtle earthy hop aroma rounds of the aroma

Taste - Just like the aroma this beer is all about the malt flavors.  There is an amazing depth to the Castle pale malt and it really shines here.  Bready, with a subtle sweetness balanced well by the hops.  There is NO yeast presence in this beer, no orange, no fruitiness, nothing.......and I like it!  

Mouthfeel - Medium bodied with a  high carbonation that is a bit too prickly

Drinkability - This is a very nice beer.  Its not quite my normal table beer due to the lack of yeasty flavors, but it is a very very good pale golden beer.  This keg has kicked remarkably quickly

Notes/Thoughts - As usual I love the Castle pale malt, though the most interesting thing to me about this beer is the absolute lack of any yeast character, which is a good thing.  The range of possibilities for the Voss Kveik yeast seems to have grown quite a bit.  In fact this may become my house yeast due to the ability to generate a super-clean malt-forward beer when fermented cold, or a orange bomb when fermented warm.  

Brewday - 7/24/16 - Recipe & Notes


Gus said...

I couldn't see FG in the original recipe - what was the AA% like?

Ryan said...

Gus - I believe it dropped down to 1010, though I will have to check to be sure

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