Friday, October 14, 2016

Norwegian Farmhouse Maltøl - A Review

Appearance - A clear golden orange color with a very very dense thick white heat that lingers until the bottom of the glass,

Aroma - This beer is unlike anything else that I have smelled before.  There is this huge hit of orange marmalade that immediately gives way to a sweetish smokiness that is rounded out by a subtle piney/juniper note

Taste - Wow! Is this a beer?  This is so far different than anything Ive had before I dont know if I can accurately describe it.  Immdediately as this crosses your lips you are hit by an intense smokiness.  Then a biscuity oaty flavor mid-palante that finally gives way to an intense sweet orange fruitiness.  The juniper isnt particularily noticeable in teh flavor, but there is an interesting and different bitterness/dryness in the finish that I attribute to it.

Mouthfeel - Medium bodied with a moderately high carbonation that is a bit prickly

Drinkability - I go back and forth with this beer.  Some days I am in love with it, the uniqueness and the powerful flavor prifile, while other days I dont want anything to do with it.

Notes/Thoughts - I dont know if I will brew this beer again, though if I do I will definitely use more juniper.  From what I have read on Larsblog, I feel this style really needs to have more juniper presence front and center.  This might make this a big mess with too many competing flavors, or it could completely meld everything together, but as the current recipe stands it is hardly noticeable.

One thing I really like about this beer is the amazing yeast profile.  The intense orange flavor/aroma is quite different than any ester profile I have smell/tasted before.  Because of this I already brewed a DIPA using the yeast and fermented it very hot (100F).  Im really hoping to get even more of that orangey goodness.

A review of the cool fermented Kveik table beer will come out soon.  A teaser, the yeast flavor profile is completely unrecognizable from this beer.

Brewday - 7/24/16 - Recipe & Notes


hrXXLight said...

Thanks for the first impressions of this beer. Something like this is also on my to do list. Where did you ferment this beer. Did you build a fermentation box because I hab no room in my house where I could reach 100F.


Ryan said...

Hrxx - I used a fermwrap heater like this one

which looks like its only 10$ right now which kinda pisses me off...........

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