Saturday, October 8, 2016

6yr Old Comfortably Numb Imperial Stout (21.5% ABV) - A Review

Appearance - Jet black with some serious viscosity, this thing really has some legs on it!  A dense dark tan head that lingers leaving a significant amount of lacing on the glass

Aroma - Bittersweet chocolate, powerful malt notes hinting at a sweeter beer, absolutely no hop aroma, though with this much age I wouldn't expect much

Taste - An assault on the taste buds, it is simultaneously caramelly, malty, roasty, and rounded out by a huge amount of bittersweet chocolate flavor.  The alcohol is very well hidden behind all of the malt, though you can taste the sweetness of the alcohol along with the dryness as you swallow.

Mouthfeel - Wow is this one thick!  I dont think I have ever had a beer with as much body to it, it is thick and chewy.  If it was any thicker I think it could be mistaken for pudding

Drinkability - I really like this beer, though with as strong as it is you need to go quite slow or it will get a hold of you quickly

Notes/Thoughts - Hard to know what to say here.  I like this beer, though it is a once in a while thing (too powerful to drink many of), I do wish I had added a pinch of vanilla to this beer though as it really rounds off the edges and meshes well with the maltiness and chocolate flavors. Luckily this is easily fixed by adding it to the glass

Brewday - 1/16/2010 - Recipe & Notes


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