Saturday, June 11, 2016

Corny Pilsner - Review & Recipe

Aroma - Hay and grass dominate, with a very prominent Weihenstephan lager yeast flavor. Finish is all about the corn and pils malts, slightly sweetish and corny

Appearance - Pale golden yellow with exceptional clarity, 1-2 finger fluffy white head that lingers leaving lacing all down the sides of the pint. Just wish the foam was a bit more dense.......

Taste - Malty and yet still somewhat dry, which is very different than the aroma would suggest.  Perfect balance of bitterness and malt, with a strong bready pils flavor in the finish that is rounded out by a Noble hop presence

Drinkability - Easy drinking pilsner, which admittedly is not my favorite style.  I brewed this one up for my father who never ended up visiting.......My favorite use for this beer and really any pilsner is to make a Radler!

Notes/Thoughts - This one took about 6 months of lagering to come into its own, while before that, it was good but it just hadn't quite melded yet.  That said, no one else but me every noticed this issue. I should probably have done a short protein rest to help with the density of the foam, it was too fluffy for my liking........

Corny Pils
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
8.5Pilsner (Castle)
2.0Flaked Maize
Amt (oz)TypeTime
2.0Crystal (4.2%)60
2.0Crystal (4.2%)0
Mash Schedule
170F1.5qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastW34/70 - repitch 
76% effIBU27
7.5gal BoilFG1010


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