Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Märzen with Kiln Amber Malt

I was recently chewing on a bit of Franco-Belges Kiln Amber malt, and the flavor was absolutely amazing.  I knew right away I had to brew something up to highlight the great flavor of this malt.  Right around this same time I tapped a keg of Schwarzbier that a I brewed last spring (double batch) and the extended aging time (~8mos) has made this beer even better than it was early on.  This flavor epiphany has made me really want to brew up a few more lagers while the weather is still cold, so that come fall time I have some amazing well-aged lagers on tap for the holidays, but I digress....

What better way to showcase the toasty/nutty/light roast flavor of a malt like Kiln amber than a well aged lager!?!  The aging will smooth out the flavor and really let the lightly roasted  and toasty flavor come to the forefront.  The timing also seemed perfect (its March after all) to brew up my first Märzen.

One thing I did out of the ordinary was adjust the water profile a bit differently than I normally do.  This time I targeted a bit higher calcium, and tipped the chloride/sulfate ratio a bit more towards the chloride (1.6 Cl: 1 SO4) so this should be a fairly malty beer in the end.

Amber Märzen
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
9.0Vienna (Weyermann)
3.0Kiln Amber (Franco-Belges)
Amt (oz)TypeTime
0.50Magnum (15.5%)70
Mash Schedule
132F0.75qt/lb15 min
152F1.25qt/lb45 min
170F2.0qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastSaflager W34/70 - x2 & rehydrated
83% effIBU24
7gal BoilFG

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