Sunday, January 31, 2016


I was drinking a Rampant IPA and looking at my hop supply in my freezer, just tossing around ideas for beers to brew, when I realized that I couldn't shut the freezer door.......Too many hops.......That same day my last hoppy keg kicked and left me with a slew of lagers, Belgians, and sour beers, but nothing with a strong hoppy presence.  I knew right then that I needed to put together an over the top tropical IPA.  What better way to do it that to use a hop new to me and one of my favorites?

For a yeast choice I was able to get my hands on Wyeast's current PC release West Coast IPA, lets just say that I am quite happy with the yeast (beer is currently carbonating).  It ferments fast, very clean though fairly malt forward, and drops like peanut butter!

I was originally hoping to use a randal with this beer for serving, but Ive been lazy lately and haven't gotten around to finishing welding up the one Im building (to come soon).  Its an entirely sanitary fitting based hop randal that can connect to any keg in my (somewhat) new 8-tap kegerator.

Brewday went smooth this time, and I was lucky enough to be brewing on one of the coldest days of the year!!  Every time I'd drip a little water or pour something out Id be left with a nice slick layer of ice.

Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
13.0Belgian Pale Malt
Amt (oz)TypeTime
1.0Mosaic (11.8%)15
1.5Azacca (11.3%)15
1.0Mosaic (11.8%)10
2.0Azacca (11.3%)5
1.0Mosaic (11.8%)KO
1.5Azacca (11.3%)KO
1.0Mosaic (11.8%)Dry Hop
2.5Azacca (11.3%)Dry Hop
Mash Schedule
170F2qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastWest Coast IPA WY1217 (500mL Starter)
73% effIBU68
8gal BoilFG


Anonymous said...

Curious to hear how long you dry hopped for... as well as your recommendations for dry hopping with pellets as well as whole leaf. Reada whole slew of infor from 3-5 days 7-14 and some up to 20.... Love to hear you recommendations.

Ryan said...

I typically add them to the keg and leave them in there, so 30+ days

Occasionally I will pull the hops out and add more as the keg level gets lower to refresh the hop aroma

I almost exclusively use whole hops, I cannot stand pellets, they are a sludgy mess anywhere they are used, the process of grinding them also opens the oil glands on the hops and allows some to volatize and others to oxidize, I HATE pellets!!!

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