Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tripel Double - Split batch Tripel, Half Brett, Half "Clean"

Brewing a golden strong has been on my to do list for a while now.  In fact,my to do list is getting pretty long and looking at it is getting kind of overwhelming!  When I was getting ready for this brew I knew that I wanted to do a few beers with a fairly similar profile, but with moderate amounts of differences between them.  I generally do very few high ABV beers, so while I was preparing starters/etc I decide to compromise on a two of the batches and knock them both out at once.

My original intention was to do two beers
  1. A Belgian Strong, fermented with 1388 to emphasize the pear esters, possibly using pear juice, and a small amount of Nelson Sauvin hops late in the boil or at flame out
  2. A Pils based malt bill, Brett Trois or Sherry flor, pear juice, vanilla, almond liqueur, French Oak?
After thinking about the best way to approach doing both of these beers in a single go I decide to go with a Pilsner base using fuggles for bittering, and adding sugar to both to help dry them out, but adding it post-boil to use different types in each batch.  I also skipped the Nelson for the time being, I plan on tasting the Brett version to see how it tastes prior to bottling, and if the flavors mesh I will dry hop with 0.5oz.

For the sugar additions I wanted to use something flavorful in the "clean" batch and something neutral in the Brett batch (wanted to make sure nothing overshadowed the pear juice addition).  For the "clean" batch I went with coconut palm sugar, which has an amazing depth of flavor and is quite dark (see pic); while in the brett version I went with plain old table sugar.  Each of these beers has been fermenting now for about a week at 65F in my chest freezer.  I also ended up having about 2.5gal of extra wort with a slightly lower OG that I added about 24oz of Marionberry Jam.  The jam is just about the best I have ever tried, lots of blackberry flavor, with hints of blueberry and uses more fruit and less sugar than most.  From what I'm told is seems to be regionally available in the early part of the year and then quickly disappears.

Tripel Double
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
Coconut Palm Sugar - "Clean" half
Table sugar - Brett half
TBDPear Juice Syrup - Brett Half
Amt (oz)TypeTime
3.0Fuggles (4.2%)60
Mash Schedule
170F2qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastBelgian Strong Ale WY1388 (2L Starter)
Brett Trois WL644 (400mL yeast cake)
79% eff**IBU26
7.5gal BoilFG-
Notes: * - OG prior to adding pear juice syrup, ** - efficiency was much higher if you take the extra 2.5gal into account (94%), Pear juice syrup will be added once primary fermentation has died down; vanilla, almond liqueur(homemade), and/or oak will be added at a later date and the post will be updated to reflect the amounts used

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