Friday, April 18, 2014

Slump Buster Pale Ale - A Homebrewed Beer

This beer has been a long time coming now.  Its strange to say but its been around 11-12mos since I last brewed!  Lots of things have changed in the past year and I'm still trying to work out some of the kinks of brewing in a new location and with my electric setup (only HLT currently).  One things for sure, the cold tap water in Washington sure does chill a beer down quick!

To come back from my hiatus I wanted to do something relatively simple yet very tasty.  I've been drinking lots of pale ales and IPA's lately (lots of local stuff) so I thought I'd keep the trend going and do a pale.

Most of the local beers Ive been drinking are West Coast IPA's and pales, however for this beer I was inspired a bit by British bitters, in that I wanted a solid bitterness, lots of aroma, and only mild amounts of hoppy flavors.  I intended for the malt to show off, but I couldn't find some of my brewing salts (CaCl) so I think this one is gonna be more about the bitterness (low Cl, high SO4).  That's fine though, and it also gives me a first crack at seeing how the local water will do in my homebrew (albeit with some chemistry changes).

This should be the first of quite a few new recipe posts in the near future (lots of ideas in a year of no brewing!). I'm also going to try and do a write up on my electric conversion when its complete.

Slump Buster Pale Ale - Hopefully I wont regret this one....... :)
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
6.0Northwestern Pale Malt (GW)
3.0Vienna (Weyermann)
Amt (oz)TypeTime
0.50Summit (18.1%)60
1.0Ahtanum (4.9%)5
1.0Summit (18.1%)KO
1.0Ahtanum (4.9%)KO
TBDAhtanum (4.9%)Dry Hop
TBDSummit (18.1%)Dry Hop
Mash Schedule
170F2.0qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastAmerican Ale WY1056 (500mL Starter)
86% effIBU32
7gal BoilFG


David Ryan said...

I don't have experience with hops. Why did you pick those?

Ryan said...


Is it that you dont have *much* experience with hops, or none at all?

either way the best way to decide on what hops to use is by what flavor profile you want

In this beer I was looking for lots of tangerine (summit), grapefruit/citrus (both), and floral qualities (ahtanum). I also like summit because it has a high oil content (lots of hoppy goodness)

If you dont know hops the best thing to do is good for a hop aroma/flavor profile chart. There are lots out there on the net that provide great insight into hops. Once you pick your varieties I would also read about peoples experiences with those hops

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