Monday, January 13, 2014

Dunkelweizen - Review

Unfortunately no pic for this review.  I lost my phone right before I moved cross-country, all the pics disappeared with the phone.  The beer was a beautiful medium amber, with a slightly off-white head.

Appearance: Dense off-white head that leaves substantial lacing as I drink the beer.  Deep, slightly hazy, dark mahogany color (lighter than picture)

Aroma: Bready, toasty, hints of clove and fruit, finishes with a nondescript graininess

Taste: Sweetish maltiness upfront, likely from the caramunich, mingled with subtle fruit and clove.  Finishes with strong grainy/bready/wheaty and malty flavor offset ever so slightly by a bit of roastiness. Hops are non-existent, as they should be.

Mouthfeel: Medium bodied, medium-low carbonation.  Very good as is, could be equally good lighter or slightly heavier depending on the time of year its brewed (lighter:summer, heavier:fall).

Drinkability: I really like this beer, its definitely going to be something that gets brewed again and again (with small tweaks like my table beer).  The only reason this didn't kick waaaay back early in the summer when it was first tapped is that my CO2 tank went empty during a BBQ and I switched this keg out to something that had enough pressure to still pour.  I then stuck it in a fridge out in the garage and forgot about it, fast forward to today and it's something I'm very glad to have found!!

Thoughts:  In the future I think I will cut the caramunich down to ~0.5lb and see how the sweetness is.  As it is its not too strong but I'd rather get the malty/sweet flavors using mash temps/base malt selection than a crystal malt.  The yeast selection (WY 3333) turned out exceedingly well, though I might up the ferm temps slightly to emphasize the esters slightly in the future. The timing for this review probably couldn't be any better, as I really feel that this is a great beer for those dreary winter days.

Brewday - 3/26/2013 - Recipe & Notes


Anonymous said...

I seem to have discovered this great blog just as you discontinued it! Any plans for more posts?

Ryan said...

Anon - I do plan to start up again sometime soon, Ive just had a lot of things change in the past 6-9mos which have made brewing difficult.

I am primed and ready to go soon though, as Im stocked with 300lbs+ of grain and 10lb+ of hops, and 15 packs of yeast on the way this week!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! Hope your hiatus has been ok.

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