Saturday, December 28, 2013

Rye Table Beer Review

Appearance:  Dense white head that lingers and leaves sticky lacing all down the glass as I drink, very clear no yeast, small amount of haze from all the rye, a pale golden color

Aroma: Sweetish, bready/malty aroma up-front with a distinctive spicy (rye + yeast)/herbally hoppy flavor (rye + Serebrianka?), a subtle fruitiness rounds of the aroma

Taste: First thing that hits the taste buds is the bready/sweet flavor of the pilsner malt and the spicy, Calvados-like flavor of the rye, this quickly fades leaving the subtle spicy/fruity flavors from Ardennes and finishes with a very soft but substantial bitterness that perfectly balances the malt.

Mouthfeel: Medium-bodied, nice and slick form the unmalted rye.  Medium to med-low carbonation just like I prefer

Drinkability: Like all rye beers I initially have to get used the the Calvados-like flavor and then I love them.  This one is no different than any of the other table beers I've made in the past, malty up front with a bitter finish that leaves that me wanting more, and wishing I'd done a double batch

Thoughts:  I really like the Serebrianka hop in this beer, its very herbal, slightly floral, and really plays well with both the rye berries and the Ardennes yeast which has cemented its place as my favorite yeast.  It accentuates malty flavors, smooths and softens bitterness and provides an amazing spicy/fruity flavor profile.

Brewday - 9/20/2013 - Recipe & Notes

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