Monday, May 20, 2013

Cochise Stronghold Cider & Malt Review

Cochise Stronghold Comparison

Cider YeastWine Yeast
AppearanceAlmost no foam, deep brownish-red and extremely clearPours very foamy, but dies down quickly.  Deep brownish-red and very clear
AromaVery bright apple flavor, other non-descript fruitiness, sweetish Appley, but somewhat yeasty, caramel, and a hint of alcohol
TasteSweeter, with more apple flavor.  Strong caramel finish, with an ever so slight warming sensation from the alcoholCaramel, some oxidation notes, strong apple flavor, tiny bit of a metallic note, and  finishes a bit yeasty and bready
MouthfeelModerately carbonated, and a  fuller feeling with a lighter body that the other versionHighly carbonated, thinnish body with a slick feeling
Drinkability1 - Far better of the two, less acidic, brighter apple flavor and perfect amount of malt/caramel3 - Decent apple flavor, but there is an acidic edge that's a bit rough, and the yeastiness/rough dough flavor is never something I like much in a cider 
Overall: I far prefer the cider version.  It has a stronger apple flavor, is slightly sweeter, but with a lighter body.  It also doesn't display the yeasty/bready flavors that I've often come to expect when using wine yeast in a "beer" (if you can call this a beer). Aside from the differences due to the yeast, this is definitely something I will make again, the apple flavor came across wonderfully!

Brewday - 1/19/2012 - Recipe & Notes


Douglas Smiley said...

Have you ever tried using a hefe yeast in cider? I read once that the banana esters add some interesting flavors to cider.

Ryan said...

Douglas - I haven't tried a hefe yeast, I've always been afraid of overpowering the apple flavor.

Maybe a test is in order with some cheap tree top apple juice though

Tim in Albion said...

Guess I will try the cider yeast again - tried it many years ago and was not impressed with the result. D47 has been my fave but recently I made several good ciders with the new M2 yeast from Mangrove Jack.

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