Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Mazarin - A Review

Appearance - Almost no head formation whatsoever, and no lacing in the glass (the mahlab??), fairly clear but ever so slightly hazy, a deep beautiful dark red with orange highlights when held up to a light

Aroma - Sour cherry, almond and a spicy cinnamon-like aroma, this is one of my favorite things about this beer

Taste - Tart, slight hint of a bread, nutty and very almond-like, subtle cinnamon-like flavor and sour cherry in the finish, though I believe the cherry flavor is mostly from the mahlab at this point and not the cherry juice (fruit flavor faded with time) - I added too much mahlab and had to wait till the flavor faded a bit

Mouthfeel - Medium carbonation, with the amount of body in this beer I feel that the carbonation could be dialed up a bit (beer finished a bit thin)

Drinkability - A very interesting "beer" SWMBO loved it, and I quite enjoy it, I do plan to re-brew but with some changes outlined below. This is one of my more flavorful interesting beers I've put together and in particular I really like the great cinnamon-like flavor, which Im guessing is the sherry flor. Though none of my other beers using it seem to have this flavor, which would make me think its the mahlab, but I dont get that flavor at all from using the spice in anything else.

Notes - Beer finished a bit dry (lots of cherry juice) and I didn't really account for this, sometimes I make bonehead mistakes, this one one of the many, next time I will either mash higher, or add a more substantial amount of crystal; I used TOO MUCH mahlab in this beer, I was going off others usage of it in mead, let me say this 2oz is WAAAY too much, doing it again I would probably add 1/4oz at most, and probably less to start;  Less mahlab will also let me drink this beer a lot sooner that I did (had to do extended aging to make it palatable) this will also let the cherry juice come through a lot more; in the recipe I added ~32oz of 68Brix juice, and I would likely do this amount again.

Brewday - 2/16/2012 - Recipe & Notes


brewolero said...

If you were to ferment first with an ale yeast, then a wine yeast, would you be able to drop the FG to drier level? Or would that defeat the purpose of using fruit juice and knock it out of balance?

Ryan said...


Ale then wine yeast wont really do anything that ale alone will not.

I think an often misconception about wine yeast is that it can ferment more than an ale yeast will.

Wine yeast lack the ability to ferment maltotriose, and are not going to dry out a beer that's already been fermented to completion with an ale yeast.

Using a wine yeast in a "beer" will result in a higher FG and more sweetness (all the unfermented maltotriose) The reason mine was so dry (even with maltotriose) was that I added lots of simple sugars in the form of cherry juice. Next time I will mash higher/add crystal malts etc


Kyle said...


Have you tried Sherry Flor to add some nut-like flavors (almond, peanut) to beers?

I've been playing with the strain from WL - it was an interesting twist to a tart wheat and I think will be really nice in dark or fruit sours.

Got the idea from Upland, who pitches it along with their other lambic bugs.

Dig the blog - glad you're back at it!

Kyle Kohlmorgen

Anonymous said...

Just happen to stumble across your web site and just love what you are doing with off the beaten path experimenting....that's my king of brewing also....can you tell me what is this: ~32oz of 68Brix juice mentioned in this recipe?? stumped on that one...thanks can email me if you want at dleec45 at aol dot com ...great site

Ryan said...

Anon - the juice is from a company called Nature's Flavors

its a concentrated natural juice syrup that was added, Ive added a link to it in the recipe and here as well

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