Thursday, May 2, 2013

Belma The Husky Blonde - Review

Unfortunately no picture this time, SWMBO drained the keg when I wasn't looking :)

Appearance - Dense two finger white head that lingers leaving lacing all down the glass as you drink, a slightly hazy bright golden yellow

Aroma - Breadiness from the pils followed by a strong oaty aroma, hops are subtle but nondescript

Taste - Very bitter with a slightly rough edge, malt is in the background and very subdued though the oatiness comes through in the finish. Hop aroma/flavor is almost non-existent, which is crazy because I added 4oz of dry hops!!

Mouthfeel - Nice and silky, all those oats really shine here, medium-low carbonation that suits the thick mouthfeel

Drinkability - Ok, a bit too bitter of a beer, and it really lacks hop flavor

Notes/Thoughts - I'm pretty disappointed in the flavor of the Belma hops, its almost not there at all. I will give them one more shot to see what they have but I'm not expecting much.  The pils + oat combo is really good and I think I'll go with my original gut feeling and do this again with a very earth hop (EKG, fuggle, etc.)

Brewday - 1/9/2013 - Recipe & Notes


Reverse Apache Master said...

The consensus seems to be that Belma is underwhelming in flavor but I've found when I taste a beer with it looking for that melon flavor it's a lot less subtle than I initially thought it was. Still, it's definitely not the right hop if you're looking for a more obvious flavor.

I've used them as dry hops in a wild beer. It worked out really well. Brett or whatever is driving the flavor in that beer went from a fairly bland beer in the fermentor to a great beer in the bottle. Reminds me of Orval but with some citrus and melon flavor. Brett might be the right avenue to get good production out of Belma.

Ryan said...

RAM - I could see this hop working in a brett beer, but I feel that it would have to be more of a malty style

I might have to try something like floor malted pils, brett C or Trois, and some belma. That sounds pretty good right now!

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