Saturday, September 8, 2012

Quick Turnaround Pale Ale

So this summer has been particularly slow with posts.  But between the 100+ temps, working on my dissertation and getting married this summer I haven't had a lot of time to drink beer, let alone brew it!  Slowly that's starting to change, and frankly I really needed something quick to fill kegs up for fall BBQ's.  So I decided on a whim to brew up 10gallons of an EPA.

Specifically in this beer I wanted to highlight the earthiness of Fuggles and EKG's, and round out the flavor with a bready, caramelly, dark sugar flavor profile.  To do this I settled on using a bit of carastan and some piloncillo sugar (both flavor and to thin the body a bit).  The piloncillo had been sitting on a shelf waiting to be used for quite some time now.  After I brewed up my last EIPA with some tapioca starch to thin the body of an all Maris Otter beer, I was hooked.  It has the same great flavors but slightly lighter bodied and a bit less sweet, both things that work well on a hot afternoon.

One thing I don't know why I did was grab a pack of London Ale WY1028.  The last time I used it I really did not like the minerally flavor profile.  Hopefully that is masked a bit by carastan and piloncillo.

Quick Turnaround Pale Ale
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
14.0Maris Otter (Fawcett)
Amt (oz)TypeTime
2.0Fuggles (4.3%)60
1.5Fuggles (4.3%) 15
2.5EKG's (5.1%)15
Mash Schedule
170F1.8qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastLondon Ale WY1028 (3L Starter)
92% effIBU30
13.5gal BoilFG

Review - 3/10/13 - Notes & Thoughts

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Petite Raspberry Saison - Review

Appearance - Hazy, reddish orange, normally dense 2 finger head that clings to the glass till the last drop.  This time it seems to have big bubbles in it, must be a dirty glass.

Aroma - Bready pils aroma, spicy and yeast fruity phenolics, and a light whiff of raspberries

Taste - Slight sweetness offset by the tartness of the fruit, definite raspberry flavor, but it doesn't dominate the beer.  Fruity yeasty flavors, each sip finishes with a hint of raspberry and black pepper, really great profile

Mouthfeel - Relatively highly carbonated 2.5vols (by my standards), prickly on the tongue, medium-light amount of body

Drinkability - This beers is really great! And its going to be re-brewed quite often. The only reason I had enough left for this review is that I forgot I had it around. I took it off gas while I was out of town to carb up an extra keg. When I got home I forgot the raspberry was in another fridge.  I just rediscovered it this weekend in fact, so I'm a happy camper.

Notes/Thoughts - Beer really is great, early on it was a bit sweeter and more raspberry-like, this has evolved into a slightly drier, more peppery beer which is really good as well. The body makes it more like a table beer than a commercial style saison, but I think too many commercial saisons are too big, and too dry. This could be mashed at a slightly decreased temp without too much being taken away from the otherwise great flavors, making it a bit drier.

Brewday - 3/29/12 - Recipe & Notes

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