Saturday, October 13, 2012

Sugar Hefe - Review

Appearance - Relatively clear, yet slightly hazy golden yellow, slightly darker than the version without the sugar syrup, nice dense head, but doesn't linger as long as the other version.

Aroma - Bready and cracker-like, slightly sweet aroma, equal amounts of fruit and clove (not really banana though)

Taste - Slightly sweetish, very toasty and bread/cracker-like flavor.   More subtle yeasty flavors than the other version, much less banana, similar amounts of clove, but other spicy flavors as well (nutmeg, vanilla) Nicely rounded flavor.

Mouthfeel - Medium high amount of carbonation.  Nice thick wheaty body that really is a great characteristic of a hefe, slighly slick finish.

Notes/Thoughts - Good beer, very different than the split version without the toasted candy syrup.  This one has more emphasis on the toasty cracker flavors, with spicy flavors like clove, nutmeg and vanilla rounding out the taste.  Very different tasting beers, its amazing how much difference one little addition can change the taste profile of a beer.  I really like the flavor profile of this beer.  I think that a version brewed with a dark munich malt could really be great, and I might try for the cooler months ahead

Brewday - 4/26/2012 - Recipe & Notes
Sans Sugar Review - 7/20/2012 - Notes & Thoughts


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