Monday, May 14, 2012

Orange Table Sour with Vanilla & Light Toast Oak

The idea for this beer came about relatively recently.  I got an email from someone thinking about using warmer temps on a sour to speed things along. The beer we were discussion was a Flanders Red with Oranges.  I was a little worried about the acidity of the oranges with the aggressive souring culture he was using, but the flavor combination intrigued me.

A sour with orangey flavors sounded right up my alley.  Here in Phoenix most of the Seville oranges are a bit past their prime, but I lucked into about 20lbs of another variety called Bouquet des Flores, that keeps well on the tree.  The flavor of their rind was a little underwhelming compared to what it normally is so I supplemented the oranges with some tangelos and navels that I picked as well.  Nothing like fruit fresh off the tree!

Now I wasn't really interested in a red for using the fruit (although I hope to try his!) Instead I wanted something a bit lighter that would really highlight the orange flavors.  In addition I decided  that I wanted to add a small amount of light toast oak to provide some hints of coconut, and a tiny bit of vanilla.  I don't want to really actually notice the vanilla, instead I want it to accentuate all the other flavors and really highlight the creamy grain bill I came up with for this one.

As for the oranges, I took them all and zested them using a cheese grater.  I then squeezed all the juice, strained it, and reduced it on the stove top on low to thicken it up and hopefully give me a bit of a marmalade type flavor.  The zest went into the beer when it was ~120F and found its way into the fermentor.  The vanilla and oak will be added once the beer is done fermenting.

For the souring culture I decided to again go about reusing some of a yeast cake from the Bugfarm lambic I brewed up about 2yrs ago.  That beer is nicely sour, very minimally funky with subtle fruity undertones.  Something I think will work well in this beer.  Hopefully the souring happens quickly, because I'd like to be drinking this in about 2-3mos.

Orange Table Sour
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
1.0Spelt Berries
400mLTangelo Juice*
400mLNavel Orange Juice*
150mLSeville Orange Juice*
Hops & Spices
Amt (oz)TypeTime
0.25EKG (5.1%)60
1.0Tangelo ZestKO <120F
0.8Navel ZestKO <120F
0.8Navel ZestKO <120F
0.5Light Toast Oak4days
Mash Schedule
170F1.8qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastAl's Bugfarm Batch 3 Cake + Nottingham
81% effIBU8
3.5gal BoilFG
Notes:* - Juice from oranges was reduced over low heat on the stove, final volume added to carboy was 300mL. More seville juice may be added after primary fermenation has died down and I can taste the level of acidity in the beer.


HokieBrewer said...

Sounds awesome - dreamsicle sour. Interested to see what the orange juice does to the final product.

TheHopyard said...

Wow what a great idea for a beer! thanks for the recipe and the great write up, I would love to know how this one turned out!

Thursday said...

How did this work out in terms of heat + shorter time? I'm interested in trying make some sours that don't require a year of aging (I've already got a basement full of those...).

Ryan said...

Thursday - I havent tasted it yet, but its been bottled. In my experience quick sours at elevated temps can be OK, they sour quickly but have a bit of a rough edge that needs smoothing out by being blended usually

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