Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Funky Peach Review

Appearance - Dark Golden, with some gray? highlights (most likely oxidized peaches) thin head nearly no retention. very hazy

Aroma - Peaches and honey (buckwheat honey aromatics?) followed by funky bretty nose that seems to have become a common aroma/flavor in many of my brett beers. A house strain perhaps? (its sort of floral, rose-like, mixed with baby powder and funk)

Taste - Slighltly phenolic brett taste hits your tongue first, slightly sweetish with a subtle yellow peach flavor, starting to become tangy.  Some flavors (honey-like) that remind me quite a bit of the buckwheat braggot I did a couple years back.

Mouthfeel - Slick, and very full feeling with medium carbonation that could just as easily be dialed up or down and fit very well with the beer (low carb would highlight the subtle peach and brett notes, high carb would mask the peach to some extent but drive up the aroma)

Notes/Thoughts - This one didnt have any hint of brett until I started messing with the original culture I pitched. Before I messed with it, or added the peaches for that matter, the wild yeast I cultured up had a very intense peach flavor and aroma.  Im kinda wishing I hadnt messed with it, or had split the batch so that I could tell if the peach flavor is solely yeast derived or if the fruit added much.  All in all a decent attempt, in the future I would like to minimize the bretty flavors so the peaches could be highlighted a bit more.

Brewday - 3/17/2012 - Recipe & Notes


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