Saturday, May 26, 2012

Double Batch Hefe

So SWMBO has been draining my kegs lately.  This is probably the biggest reason some of my review pics lately haven't been very good, as I'm stuck with what's left before the keg kicks.  The jaggery pale was tapped in less than 2weeks!  So in an effort to get her to leave some of the beer around for me I decided to knock out a double batch of a hefeweizen.

This is a pretty basic run of the mill batch, 60/40 pils to wheat, single infusion with low hopping.  I was thinking about doing a decoction to mashout temps but I didn't have any burners available (maxed out heating sparge water) so I skipped it. Overall it was a very easy brewday, something that hasn't happened recently!

I was thinking that I would like to do something to half of the batch though, afterall 10gal of hefe doesnt really sound that great to me (even if its not really for me).  With all the messing around Ive been doing with making candy syrup using lime I started thinking that some type of sugar syrup might thin the body a bit and give me two different beers for the price of one. Plus it would let me brew a full batch of beer with some of the syrup, and see what kind of lasting flavor impacts it has. After tinkering around a bit more with making lighter colored candy syrups using lime, I ended up making a very toasty, cracker-like syrup that is about the same color as the hefe itself. A rather lousy picture of the syrup is on the left. I ended up adding ~1lb of it to half of the batch after most of the fermentation had died down.

Double Batch Hefe
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
7White Wheat
Amt (oz)TypeTime
1.0Sterling (7.9%)60
Mash Schedule
170F1.5qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastHefeweizen IV WLP380 (Slurry ~300mL)
11.5galOG1048 (plain half)
1056 (syrup half)
83% effIBU12
13gal BoilFG

Hefe sans Sugar Review - 6/20/12

Sugar Hefe Review - 10/13/12


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