Saturday, April 28, 2012

Pink Muscat Sour Blonde

This is a beer that has been on my list for at least 2 years now.  Unfortunately I really was never able to find a source of fresh pink muscat grapes.  Somehow though a blog I follow just was talking about something similar, but with only brett.  I sent him a message wondering where he came across muscat grapes, and it turned out he used muscat juice from a winery.  Well that exchange must have been good luck for me, because the same day I was at a local natural foods store, who just happened to have gotten in a shipment of pink muscats!

Pink muscat is probably my favorite eating grape.  It is very light, has a nice acidity and a fairly strong citrus, grapefruit-like flavor which I hope finds its way into the finished beer. So I picked up 5lbs of them, slightly more than is going into this beer (I just can keep my hands off of them).  I plan on adding them fairly soon after fermentation has died down a bit, along with the skins.  I'm hoping that some of the tannin in the skin will help to balance an otherwise very very low IBU beer.  

I kept the malt bill fairly simple, but I wanted it nice and creamy so I used one of my favorite unmalted grains, spelt.  It should not only add a great creamy texture to the beer, but a nice golden hue.  I don't really want this to be too sour (hoping for more of a Table sour) so I plan on adding yeast rather quickly after the souring culture goes in.  I also don't want it too funky so I added a couple racking cane fills of the bugfarm lambic from a couple years ago.  Hopefully the culture isn't too far gone and cane wake up and give me some acidity in the beer. 

One last thing, because of the small amount of grapes I bought I decided on only doing a half batch to make sure that the grapes played a large role in the flavor of the beer.

Serendipity Table Sour
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
1.0Spelt Berries
~5.0Pink Muscat Grapes
Amt (oz)TypeTime
0.25EKG (5.1%)60
Mash Schedule
170F1.8qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastAl's Bugfarm Batch 3 Cake
81% effIBU8
3.5gal BoilFG


Jeffrey Crane said...

That is strange timing. I'm glad you found them. Is this the time of year for pink muscat grapes? I really liked the last beer with them so I want to try another one. I guess I'll have to check my produce store because I would rather use grapes than just the juice.

Also are you planning to rack off the grapes after a certain point?

Ryan said...

Jeffrey - I really dont konw when they are typically harvested. Ive searched a bit and couldnt really find an answer.

I think I'll leave the beer on the grapes until I keg/bottle the beer, hopefully giving enough time to develop a subtle sourness

Levi said...

Whoa, this sounds awesome.

Ryan said...

Thanks Levi! I really hope this one turns out as good as it sounds

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