Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Millet Table Beer - Review

Appearance - Pale golden white beer, one finger head that leaves substantial lacing in the glass all the way down to the bottom. Slightly hazy, but not too much.

Aroma - Earthy and herbal, with a strong sweet pils aroma, subdued fruitiness with a subtle hint of black pepper

Taste - Strong bready pils sweetness upfront, followed by a strong herbal-like bitterness, fruity yeast phenolics,  with a restrained hop taste.  The millet seems to lend a very strong herbal bitterness to the beer that meshes well with the sweetness from the pilsner malt

Mouthfeel - Medium body, not quite as milkshake thick as the original Table Beer, but surprisingly full.  I had expected the millet to thin the body not maintain it.  Medium carbonation, that I feel could be dialed down a bit to let the yeast and malt flavors dominate a bit more.

Drinkability - One of the better examples of table beers Ive brewed.  The millet adds an interesting bitterness that I wasn't prepared for.  Googling around it seems that like quinoa its best to rinse the grain before using it, as this will get rid of the bitterness.  However because I wanted to toast it I avoided this, perhaps I could roast it in the oven after soaking? Another day I guess........

Brewday - Recipe & Notes - 2/24/2012


Jeffrey Crane said...

Have you used Triticale in a beer yet?
I'm thinking it would be a great addition to my Session Saison this year.

Ryan said...

Jeffrey - I havent, but from what Ive tasted triticale tastes either very much like wheat, or very much like rye. reading about it, it seems that the flavor differences are due to different cultivars. But none the less it could be an interesting grain to try adding into the mix.

Jeffrey Crane said...

I think I'll go for it, if I can find it. You think you can find it at the bigger Health Food stores?

And I'll also probably try some spelt this summer if I can find it.

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