Sunday, January 1, 2012

The Year in Review - Brews and Favorites

Another year has completely flew by, and just now I realized I really didn't brew a whole lot this year! I saw on another blog I frequent from time to time a little recap of what he did and didn't accomplish throughout the year and I really like the idea.  I think a little reflection on what I have or have not accomplish this past year is definitely worthwhile. But for now lets stick with the good....


Write ups Coming Soon 
  • Mazarin - Sour Cherries, Mahleb and Sherry Flor
  • Chochise Stronghold - 4hr+ boil, apple juice and muscovado sugar
  • Ashley's Sour Peach - wild fermented pale with ripe peaches

Favorite Brews for the Year

Well since many of my beers from last year are still fermenting! I don't have a whole lot to chose from, so I think I will include anything I reviewed in the past year. That's when it was drank after all

1. Tapioca EIPA - This beer was just so smooth and fragrant the keg kicked in record time.  We had a Christmas Party and even though I had 4 beers on tap, and this was the only full keg. This is the only one that kicked! The malt depth from the MO and the light body (the tapioca) really make this my favorite beer of the year (hopefully its not just because of how recent I was drinking it!)

2. Schwarzbier Redux - Another favorite, although this one was from quite awhile ago.  The malt depth and the hints of chocolate were great in this beer. I definitely think I need to brew another up

3. D'Artagnan a Parry - I like both versions of this perry (unoaked, oaked) but I by far prefer the oaked portion. There isn't much oakiness in the cider, but it has a nice vanilla note and a hint of astringency that balances the other flavors and gives it great depth.  Definitely something that will be brewed again

Its strange that I don't have any sours in the top 3 this year, but unfortunately my pipeline was dry this year.  Although I brewed up a couple I really didn't have any new batches ready for drinking this year.  Next year should definitely be much more productive in that respect


Jeffrey Crane said...

Your brews are always a great resource for brewing creativity. And I'm looking forward to reading about your next batches for 2012.

Ryan said...

Thanks, I appreciate that, I enjoy reading about all your crazy fruit additions as well (gooseberries)

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