Saturday, January 7, 2012

Tapioca EIPA - Review

Appearance -  Slightly hazy golden color with some copper highlights when held to the light.  A nice two finger head to start out that dissipates to a fine layer above the beer and leaving significant lacing all over the glass

Aroma - Tangerine and other miscellaneous citrus mixed with a earthy fruitiness from the yeast, with hints of toast/biscuits

Taste - Perfectly balanced between the malt and the hops.  Great estery/fruity yeast flavors hit your tongue first  , followed by the sweetness and breadiness of the maris otter barley, a very smooth bitterness finishes off each sip.

Mouthfeel -  Medium bodied, all that MO really provides a great mouthfeel to the beer, moderately low carbonation to really allow the flavors to shine

Drinkability - I picked this beer as my favorite of the year, so the drinkability is very high.  Its very easy to session or have with just about any dinner.

Notes/Thoughts - Really great beer, but its hard to beat Maris Otter, amarillo, or simcoe hops in just about any beer.  Tapioca starch did a good job thinning the body slightly (even with the moderately high mash temp 154), and it converted just fine, its definitely an adjunct I plan on using again (sooo much cheaper than sugar)

Brewday - 10/22/11 - Recipe & Notes


Jeremy said...

Nicely done. You've inspired me. Next IPA or Pale will have tapioca starch. Been meaning to do a Duvel-ish beer soon. Would work great in there. Thanks!

KN said...

Does the tapioca starch require the enzymes from the barley to convert? I was thinking of using this in a wine, but that would make it pointless, wouldn't it?

Ryan said...

KN - Yes unfortunately like any starch you need an enzyme to convert the tapioca starch to sugars. You could add some amylase enzyme if you really wanted to use it in a wine, but at that point you might as well just add sugar

The Chasidic Calvinist said...

I have been thinking of making a gluten free beer using tapioca syrup. But I can't find any you think making a simple syrup with tapioca starch might work as a base mixed with brown rice syrup?

Ryan said...

CC - Its possible to do something like that with tapioca starch, but it would basically be like adding sugar to the beer. I think you could really get some good mouthfeel using either amaranth (preferred) or buckwheat and I might try that over tapioca starch

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