Monday, January 16, 2012

Sweet Pineapple Cider - Review

Appearance - Golden yellow, just like you'd expect pineapple juice to be.  Extremely clear, no head what so ever, and only trace amounts of carbonation showing

Aroma - Pineapple mixed with a very meaty yeast autolysis smell, the smell is slightly off putting

Taste - Loads of pineapple up front, which the sweetness from the xylitol really helps to round out. There is however, a flavor from the autolysis that lingers and really distracts from the pineapple flavors

Mouthfeel - Medium bodied, very slick on the tongue which is quite nice.  A moderately high level of carbonation that prickles the tongue as you drink

Drinkability - Its OK at best, the pineapple flavor is much better paired with the slight sweetness of the xylitol, but the flavors/aromas from the yeast autolyzing as a HUGE distraction.  If this cider didn't have any of the meaty-yeasty flavors it would be outstanding, as it is its OK at best

Notes/Thoughts - This cider has the potential to be outstanding, provided that I can get rid of the autolysis flavors that are completely ruining the cider.  Its still drinkable but isn't something I crave.  In my first attempts at pineapple cider I detected a hint of the autolysis in the flavor, but just a hint, this one is full blown.  I'm not sure if this time has to do with the xylitol, which can kill yeast/bacteria, or if I let it sit on the lees too long.  I will have to do another quick experiment with and without the xylitol and see if that is the culprit.

Brewday - Recipe & Notes - 12/5/2010

Pineapple Cider 1.0 - 1/18/2009


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