Saturday, January 21, 2012

Old Fuzz - Fortified Version Review

Appearance - Deep golden with orange highlights, perfect clarity, no head or carbonation

Aroma - Leathery, very sweet nose, over-ripe bananas and buckwheat honey, finishes with hints of bretty phenolics

Taste - Malty and strong honey sweetness initially, they fade to over-ripe banana nut muffins and a lingering horsey/leathery finish. Some oxidation with mostly butterscotch and sherry notes that fit the sweetness.  Alcohol is very well hidden,  but there is a slight warming of the belly with each sip

Mouthfeel - Very smooth and full bodied, this one really has some legs on it!  With all that residual sugar from the honey though it should.  No carbonation, but it really shouldn't have any

Drinkability - Definitely a sipper, something to drink as a cordial before or after a meal. Since its very sweet I prefer afterwards.  Not something I could drink a lot of, but that's mostly due to the extremely high alcohol content (17%abv+)

Notes/Thoughts - An interesting beer and one of my earlier attempts with brett.  It has blended fairly well together, it is slightly too sweet for my tastes, but then I like to have a full pint when I can, and with this one a full pint would put you out.  The beer reminds me of an an extremely over-ripe banana nut muffin with a bit of funk, and a sweet finish

Brewday - Recipe & Notes - 2/23/2009
Fortified Version Update - 3/22/2009


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