Saturday, December 3, 2011

Toasty English Pale - Review

Appearance - Opaque light brown, very cloudy even after some time in the kegerator, 2 finger head that leaves very sticky lacing down the glass

Aroma - Like you would expect from any EPA, bready, slightly sweetish malty nose with a bit of caramel. Subtle earthy hoppiness rounds out the nose

Taste - Very balanced between the malt and hops with a lingering bitter finish. The beer has the great flavors you expect from a hefty portion of Marris otter, but the normal sweet malty taste is cut by a nice roasty flavor (the coffee malt). It doesn't taste at all like coffee malt though, it reminds me a lot of special roast, with out the tangy sour bread flavor. The roast flavor blends perfectly with the sweet bready flavors and balances them very well.

Mouthfeel - Silky and smooth, with medium-low carbonation

Drinkability - A very good EPA, and fairly distinctive from the hint of roast. The roasted edge cuts the sweetness every so slightly and makes it very easy to drink a lot of these.

Notes/Thoughts - I was unsure of what I'd get from the coffee malt in this beer when I put together the malt bill. Now that I've tried it I am very happy with the results. In many of my EPA's I like to use Special roast for its hint of roast, and the tangy sourbread flavors, coffee malt IMO is a slightly stronger special roast without the sourbread taste. I think its going to get a lot of use in the future....


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