Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Kottbusser - Review

Appearance - A very hazy golden yellow, with a dense slightly off-white head (at first) that dissipates to nice lacing in the glass.

Aroma - Cloves! hints of banana, and a floral honey quality, not too much treacle in the nose unless your really really looking for it. Hops are very restrained as they should be

Taste - Just like a hefeweizen, with hints of oats and treacle, and a nice sweet honey-like finish. The cloves are definitely dominating in this beer, and I really like it that way. The treacle and honey provide additional layers of complexity to the beer and really round out the flavors. Its really great with a twist of lemon or orange in the glass, as the acidity really makes all of the flavors pop

Mouthfeel - This one has some legs on it. It is very milk-shake like due to the grain bill essentially being that of a witbier. Medium carbonation

Notes/Thoughts - This time I think I made something much better than my first attempt at a kotbusser. The change in yeast strain and different fermentation temps (cooler) really helped to blend the malt and phenolics better. I ended up adding the treacle and honey just before I kegged, and at first they seemed to clash with the beer. A few weeks in the keg and everything melded quite a bit.

Its not everyday you taste a hefeweizen with a substantial milk shake like body, but it really fits the cooler days in the fall/winter. Basically this is a heartier version of what you like to have during the hot summer months.

Brewday - Recipe & Notes - 11/5/2011


Joel Clark said...

"I ended up adding the treacle and honey just before I kegged"

So did this keg condition then? I am interested in upping the complexity of the extract brews I am making and this seems like a good avenue for that.


Ryan said...

In a way all of my beers are keg conditioned.

I didnt necessarily add the honey/treacle in order to carb the keg, rather it was just an easy time to do it. Most all of my beers sit in the keg for a couple weeks before I drink them though

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