Saturday, December 10, 2011

Brown Porter Brewed with Korean Roasted Barley Tea

I should start with the fact that this beer ended up entirely different than I had originally intended. I was planning to squeeze in a nice brown porter over the weekend and really wanted to make something along the lines of the Toasty English Pale I brewed up a month or so ago. I really liked the subtle roasty notes that the coffee malt lent to the beer and thought that a slightly darker and maltier base would work well in a porter. However when I finally got around to digging through all of my specialty grains I realized that I didn't have any coffee malt or special roast, so I was a bit limited with what I could do.

Luckily though, earlier in the summer during one of my trips to a large ethnic grocery store here in town, I picked up something I had planned on using in a beer. A common summer and winter drink in Korea and other parts of Asia is roasted barley tea, or Boricha. To me Boricha is a very nice, nutty coffee alternative for cold days during the winter, or chilled during the summer. Essentially it's roasted barley, but it's not quite as dark as you would typically think. Boricha is probably somewhere around, and I'm purely guessing here, 165L. This is from eye-balling it and thinking about the recent coffee malt I used, which is roughly the same lovibond.

My options were now, use the Boricha in a porter-ish beer or just not brew. I think we all know the route I took. I had really wanted to try using this in a beer anyway, and this seemed to be a perfect opportunity. To balance out the flavor I added a bit of crystal malt, which I generally shy away from. I was worried though that the boricha might need a bit of sweetness to round out its nutty and coffee like flavors when it is in beer form. Finally to make sure that I had a beer that would actually be dark enough to be considered a porter I tossed in a tiny bit of Carafa III to get it dark enough.

Boricha Brown Porter #2
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
8.0Marris Otter (Muntons)
0.75Boricha Roasted Barley Tea
0.75Crystal 10L
3.0 ozCarafa III
Amt (oz)TypeTime
1.00Sterling (7.9%)60
Mash Schedule
170F1.8qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastThames Valley WY1275
81% effIBU26
6.5gal BoilFG


Beernoulli said...

Did you ever do a tasting of this? I'm curious how it turned out (and the cost comparison to regular roasted barley).

Ryan said...

Beernoulli - nice name btw, I never was able to do a formal tasting as the poppet leaked all of the beer out one night.

It really was great though! one of the most over the top chocolately beers Ive ever had, even SWMBO instantly asked if it had chocolate in it just from smelling it - and lets be honest here, normally she only says something smells like beer

Ryan said...

Oh i did do another beer with the tea (different brand though) it was a saison, and I actually had forgotten about it till now. I'll have to pull it out of storage and put it on tap soon

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