Sunday, September 18, 2011

Corn Kolsch - Review

Appearance - Pale Golden yellow, extremely clear (pic doesn't do it justice, I was shuffling around kegs and stirred up the lees before I pulled the pint) One to two finger head that dissipates to leave nice amounts of lacing.

Aroma - There are hints of corn in the nose, but strangely the hops dominate the aroma!?! Which is weird given I didn't add any late hops, only a bittering addition. Some mild fruity esters round out the aroma.

Taste - Nice sweetness from the corn along with that bready sweetnes that pilsner malt is great for. Slightly more bitter than I would like a Kolsch to be, and a bit less fruity than I would like. Unfortunately its more lager-like than Kolsch like.

Drinkablilty - Well, I had a couple people over the day I tapped the keg and I'm about to pull the last pint off it soon, so its pretty drinkable. Very smooth, corn sweetness up front with a lingering hoppy bite leaves you wanting more.

Overall - A good beer, not very Kolsch-like, but very much like a lager. I guess that bodes well for the lager version of the beer! Its strange to me how much the hops came through in the beer even with just a bittering addition.


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