Saturday, July 9, 2011

Malt Cider - A Review

Appearance - A dark caramel color, with ruby highlights. Slightly hazy, no head formation at all, champagne-like bubbling

Aroma - Caramelly, hints of fermented apple juice with a slight yeasty aroma

Taste - Very dry, hints of caramel in the finish. Slightly yeasty flavor, and a bit tart. Apple flavor is very subdued, tastes more like beer than cider.

Mouthfeel - Light body with a low finishing gravity. Highly carbonated, after each sip it leaves a prickly feeling from the CO2 bite.

Drinkability - A decent drinker, I think the taste is a bit bland and I'm attributing that to the juice I used. For whatever reason I just grabbed the cheapest stuff I saw at the store. When Ive fermented the cheap juice by itself in the past its usually pretty low on apple flavor and kinda tart, just like this one is. To spruce it up a bit I ended up adding 2 cans of concentrate to boost the flavor and sweetness a bit and its great like that. I think in the future what I might do is brew up a really caramelly low gravity beer and add some apple juice concentrate to the keg for flavor and sweetness.


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