Sunday, May 1, 2011

Blended Brett L Malty Brown - Review

Appearance - Brownish-red, very clear like the unblended portion, Next to no head formation, ruby highlights although a tad darker than the other version

Aroma - Malty, but a tart nose with a wisp of acetic acid, fruity although it doesn't display the black cherry that the unblended portion did

Taste - Still surprisingly malty, phenolic bretty presence comes across a bit stronger in this version. Very fruity, but still non-destinct, reminiscent of eating fruit cocktail all at once with a bit of emphasis on the cherries. Finish has a bit more bite to it with some subtle tart notes, not quite as sour as I had hoped it would be, but it does help to emphasize the fruity flavors a bit

Mouthfeel - Very slick feeling, even though the carbonation is very low relative to the other version. Id gauge it somewhere around 1.5-1.8vols of CO2

Drinkability - Good beer, really highlights the fruitiness of the Brett L from the small addition of aged acid beer, although it isnt quite as tart as I would have hoped. Due to the combination of the lower than hoped for acid character and the low carbonation I prefer the other beer over this one. If the carbonation was a bit higher it would help to release some of the aromatic character of the beer and I think it would make it seem a bit more tart than it is. Lesson from this beer is to always make sure its sour enough!


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