Sunday, April 17, 2011

Brett L Malty Brown - A Review

Appearance - Brownish Red, very clear at this point with compact lees in the bottle. Thin head that dissipates leaving small amounts of lacing. Ruby highlights when held up to light, kind of reminds me of slightly lighter Rodenbach in color

Aroma - Malty with a subdued bretty presence, its not barnyard funky though its kind of like fermenting fruit and hints of black cherry

Taste - Malty up front with a solid but not over the top phenolic brett flavor. The beer is very fruity but its kind of hard to put your finger on one type of fruit in particular its kind of like opening up a can of fruit cocktail and eating it all at once, the finish is phenolic and has a very distinctive Brett L taste. Its something that's not the easiest to describe but once you taste it you will never forget the flavor. Overall for a Brett beer this one has only hints of the brettiness that the WY Brux puts out and a ton of fruity flavors.

Mouthfeel - Medium body because the beer finished fairly malty, carbonation is moderately high and tickles the tongue as your drink.

Drinkability - I really enjoy this beer and while I brew Brux beers more often I think I prefer this beer over the others. Its something that you can grab and drink any time, as it pairs much better with food and snacks than other brett beers Ive had. I do think though that a tiny bit of acid in this beer really makes the fruitiness pop out at you. Luckily I blended a portion of this beer at bottling with some wort that I soured with JP dregs and a review of that will be coming soon!


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