Friday, April 1, 2011

Hoppy Fragrant Wheat

I don't know exactly why this sounded so good to me but it really did when I threw the recipe together. Ive been brewing a lot of beers recently to get ready for my normal summer brewing hiatus (way too hot during June-Sept to brew). I was thinking about all the beers Ive either brewed or will brew to have on tap this summer and I really didn't have one with a stronger hop presence. Most all of the beers Ive brewed or have planned are dominated by the yeast profile. Now while they all sound really good individually, drinking too much of one type of beer profile and my palate gets a bit bored, so I thought this would be a good beer to change it up a bit this summer.

During the summer I really like keeping the gravity down to no higher than mid 1040's. I also really like the creamy wheat/oat bodied beers as they really are refreshing on a hot day. Now I normally don't really like wheat malt, I find it to be a bit strong for my taste in most beers (Hefs are an exception), so I avoid it, and generally use unmalted wheat. However in this beer I really thought that just a hint of wheat malt could really provide some depth of flavor, so I added in a bit and rounded it out with some spelt berries for added body.

I must also say that the name of the beer might be a bit misleading. It really isn't supposed to be that bitter, I really wanted to highlight the hoppy aromas in this beer. I guess the difference between this beer and the others Ive planned is that the hop aroma and flavor will be the defining characteristic with a very clean yeast profile. Im also playing with a new hop to me, Pacific Gem. Ive never used them before but Ive heard very good things. I'm particularly interested in the blackberry flavor that its supposed to have as well as the hints of oak its said to give off. Both are flavors that I see melding well in a lighter summer style beer.

Basically what I'm hoping for is that this beer is sort of akin to an American version of a Belgian Enkel or table beer. Much more hop presence, restrained bitterness, cleaner yeast profile, but a big creamy refreshing body.

Hoppy Fragrant Wheat

Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
1.5White Wheat
1.0Spelt Berries
Amt (oz)TypeTime
0.25Mt Rainier (6.8%)60
0.5Pacific Gem (14%)20
0.5Pacific Gem (14%)5
1.0Pacific Gem (14%)0
Mash Schedule
170F1.9qt/lb15min - vorlauf
87% effIBU22
7gal BoilFG1012

Review - 8/27/2011


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