Sunday, January 23, 2011

Porthos - A Kölsch with Barbera Grapes, Oak and Vanilla

I decided to get around to brewing another of the Dumas inspired beers Ive been making lately. Of the ones Ive don't so far this one was less intuitive, I really had to think about the type of beer I wanted. At first I started out thinking about just making a Port, but a simple play on words wasn't good enough for me, I wanted something big and strong, that had complex flavors yet included a very simple malt bill. Something that really made you think Porthos

I ended up using the same malt bill as for Athos (They are similar after all) however instead of using the muscovado sugar to bump up the ABV I decided to use some Barbera grapes. I got my hands on some Barbera juice recently and I really liked the idea of brewing another version of What the Funk, sans brett of course. In that beer I made a Merlot reduction that I added to the beer, and when it was young dark berries and fruit dominated the flavor, however as can be expected with brett it slowly takes over and dominates the beer as it ages. For this beer I wanted to really showcase the grapes and also hint at vanilla and oak.

The yeast choice was kind of spontaneous and for one reason or another it really sounded good to me. Kölsch yeast can give off wine like characteristics, which was the real selling point for me, as I wanted the overall "beer" to have a kind of vinous character that bordered on a rich port with malt overtones. I plan on adding the grape juice after the primary fermentation had died down along with some toasted oak and potentially a bourbon vanilla bean (Porthos "lived" during the reign of a Bourbon monarch)

Porthos - A Port-Like beer with Barbera Grapes and Oak
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
1.00Munich 12L (Global)
46 ozBarbera Grape Juice (68 brix)
Amt (oz)TypeTime
1.5Crystal (3.3%)60
Amt (oz)TypeTime
TBDToasted Oak?
TBDBourbon Vanilla Bean?
Mash Schedule
170F1.7qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastKölsch WY2565
2.625gal (half batch) + 46oz (Juice) = 2.98galOG1057 + Juice = 1094
73% effIBU30 (pre-juice) ~23 after
3.625gal BoilFG1.006
Notes: Grape juice was added after the majority of the fermentation died down to retain a bit more fruit character; Oak will be added after the renewed fermentation dies down a bit as will the vanilla to taste; BTW the beer wasnt anywhere near as dark as it looks in the pic, however after adding the grape juice it turned a dark burgundy: 0.25oz of Dark and Light oak chips were added for 3days, along with 1split vanilla bean soaked in a 50/50 mix of everclear and water


Basement Brewer said...

Sounds like an interesting beer, especially with that yeast. Looking forward to checking back and seeing how it comes out

Jeffrey Crane said...

How did you get the grape juice? I have been looking at add some grape juice to several of my funky beers.

Ryan said...

They had it at a new LHBS in town, and it was actually more of a concentrate that straight juice

Ive seen Alexanders Sun Country Grape concentrates at NB/Midwest/Etc

All the stores seem to have dif prices for the same things so if you careful and shop around you can get it a couple bucks cheaper

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