Thursday, January 6, 2011

Collaborative Sin Robust Porter Review

Until recently this beer was a bit of a headscratcher for me. One pint would be overly roasty, minerally and alcoholic, the next would be nicely rounded and slightly sweet. And for a long time I went back and forth on it, however, I think the batch just needed a bit of aging and the last couple weeks it has really come into its own. All the rough edges are gone, the flavor is much more straightforward and the alcohol is completely hidden

Appearance: Jet back with a dense 1 finger head that fairly quickly dissipates to a few remnants in the middle of the glass, with next to no lacing

Aroma: Coffee! and a malty sweetness, some alcohol if you look for it, no hops in the aroma at all

Taste: Sweetish, roasty and chocolaty but unlike the coffee in the nose there is none in the flavor, yeast character is definitely present and is actually very minerally, I'm actually not quite sure that I like that aspect of the beer

Mouthfeel: Moderate body, by far I prefer very low carbonation with this beer as it helps to minimize the minerally flavors and allows the malty roasty flavors to dominate the beer

Drinkability: Its a decent beer and I routinely have a pint for a nightcap, it does start to kick in a bit though, but I guess it should at ~7.2%abv

Overall: I think the recipe has a lot of potential, and I quite like the malt backbone of the beer, it really complements the light roast very well, I always like the sweet tanginess of special roast with dark malts though, If I were to brew this beer again I think I would use another yeast as I don't really like the minerally flavor profile of WY1028


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