Thursday, November 18, 2010

Techniques and Crazy Ideas

Every so often during a brew session I seem to try out a new technique or idea that I have been thinking about. Sometimes they work very well, others not so much. However, one thing that always seems to happen is that those techniques and ideas seem to get lost as the post I used them in gets a bit older. Even I forget about them occasionally! Which is too bad, because some work really well.

So, I thought I would rehash some of the techniques and ideas that I have done in the past that have produced interesting results. This way I can have a single post just for that idea or technique that wont get lost in the shuffle of things. I'm also hoping that it will be easier for people looking for new techniques or ideas to find. I also plan on linking to all the recipes I try the technique/idea in so that there is some review of how it worked on different beers.

Some of the older techniques will probably only have a short blurb on what/why I did what I did and will heavily reference the original posts. Eventually I hope to give a bit more detail and insight on the post of each technique itself. This first post here is to kinda get the idea out there while I work on a couple short posts about techniques and ideas Ive used in the past. I'm also putting a new link in the menu for techniques that will bring you here.

There's also quite a bit of off the wall, hairbrained, just plain crazy ideas out there as well, so if you have something youve tried that worked out well let me know Id love to link to it!


Jeffrey Crane said...

I am very interested in your experience with using bottle dregs. When can you expect to see something on this?

R said...

I really didnt mean to post the header when I did, is there anything in particular you are interested or have questions in? Who knows it could be something Im overlooking.....

As far as when, hopefully soon, Im trying to get some pictures and put a bit more effort into it first, Ive spent all my time recently writing up my technique for blending and fruiting sours which will be up first

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