Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Malt Cider - Sweetish Hombrew Cider with Body?

I really enjoy a nice glass of hard cider on a cool fall day, but I have to admit that as it gets cooler I really crave something a bit sweeter and richer. For quite some time Ive been tossing around ideas about how to really add a round flavor and richness to a cider for drinking during the winter, but it wasn't till recently that I came across something that I thought could really hit the spot for me.

I was baking some bread and as usual I have a bag of malt powder out, well it just so happened that a bunch of the powder found its way into a glass of juice I had poured for myself. Like usual I thought what the hell lets see what this tastes like, it cant be that bad (I really like malt powder in shakes) Well, it was actually really really good! The rich maltiness of the extract really accentuated the apple flavor and gave it a really thick mouthfeel. Now I cant be too excited yet, this was unfermented juice after all and fermentation has a way of changing things quite substantially. I do think though that using a small bit of malt powder and some crystal malt to really accentuate the sweetness and body could turn out a very flavor apple cider very quickly. I'm also hoping that because I'm using malt instead of sugar, the acidity of the juice will be tamed a bit and it wont fight so much with the alcohol making the cider drinkable much more quickly. Whatever happens its only a 2.5 gal batch so I wont be out too much if its horrible........

Malt Cider

2gal Apple Juice
1.0 # Extra Light DME
0.5# 80L

Nottingham Yeast


Matt said...

I've made this with a small touch of hops. I followed a recipe called Graff on homebrewtalk.com. I don't really care for it, but I like my cider fairly sweet. Without pasteurizing it's tough to make a sweet cider. This turns out really tart and dry.

R said...

Hmmm, Ive never really paid attention to the recipe section on HBtalk, but I guess Ill have to take a look for graff - thanks for the tip

I hope it doesnt turn out tart and dry, I might have to backsweeten if thats the case

BMan1113VR said...

I have tried this twice before. My suggestion, boil the malt extract in some water before adding it to the cider. I found that on my first attempt I got what appeared to be a bit of lactic sourness by just adding the malt straight in to the juice (That said, I ended up pitching a pack of Lacto and some oak in and ended up with a berliner weisse-esque cider, that was pretty good)

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