Sunday, May 2, 2010

Rhubarb Berliner Weiss - Review

Appearance - Very pale golden, similar in color to watered down apple juice, a bit of sediment in the bottle that was a bit fluffy so I had to be careful when pouring, Next to no head formation, although due to the high amount of carbonation there is a small but persistent amount of bubbles that ring the glass,

Aroma - It has a fairly strong wheaty smell, which something I actually kind of dislike in it (Ive recently developed a dislike of wheat malt) Luckily it is quickly covered up by a strong lactic sourness

Taste - Surprisingly sour, before I added the rhubarb there was no pucker to the beer at all, I guess the rhubarb really fed the lacto more than the sacch, which is always a good thing in a sour beer, it still has a strong wheaty flavor, something that Ive come to expect to dissipate with age. Very light on the malt flavor, mostly a strong sourness, definitely goes well with a bit of a strongly flavored fruit sans sugar

Mouthfeel - a very light body, but with the high carbonation it feels much fuller, similar to the way a soda although not as heavy, its very prickly on the tongue

Drinkability - probably one of my better berliners yet, very sour and light, I do like it with a bit of fruit "syrup" I make, although I don't use any sugar in it, so its more of thickened fruit juice, the acidity of the beer really makes the fruit flavors pop out at you, with how low the alc is when you add the fruit its almost like an Italian soda. I am a bit disappointed the rhubarb didn't show through at all, although I guess some of the acidity could be actually from the rhubarb rather than the lacto, although the beer became extremely turbid after adding it so I wanna believe it was the bacteria. I know Ill definitely do another B Weiss, but I may hold back on the rhubarb because it was kind of a mess to rack off off, although it may be useful to add to a B weiss that's not sour enough.....


B.Eckert said...

Hey Ryan... out of curiosity, if you were entering this into a competition, would you submit under Berlier Weisse category or style 23? I'm being faced with this issue right now. Thanks in advance!

Ryan said...

Im curious what your recipe looked like, did you use lacto or solely rely on the rhubarb for sourness?

The beer I brewed I think it could easily pass for a bweiss, and not need to be entered into 23, rhubarb doesnt add a whole lot of flavor, but if you know its there someone with a good palate could find it

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