Saturday, July 31, 2010

Hot Wing Beer - A review

Appearance - Very hazy, small specks of red from hot sauce dot the top of the "beer" no head whatsoever

Aroma - Very butter, with a slight vinegary bite and a finish of peppers, not really anything else to say.....

Taste - kind of sweet, but in a way that's very hard to define, strong butter flavor the entire time you drink it, vinegar really accentuates the pepper heat and flavor in the "beer" I actually forgot to add the vinegar prior to bottling so I added to the glass, very different beer with and without the vinegar, much sweeter and more pepper flavor without, the pepper heat seems to be accentuated by the vinegar

Drinkability - Its definitely a different kind of drink, its not horrible, but isn't something I would ever drink an entire batch of, or even a bottle of myself. I think the ingredients by themselves (butter, hot sauce, vinegar) could possibly add something to a beer, although at this point I'm not sure I would know what to use them in.

Notes/Thoughts - Well I definitely have quite a bit of ideas after this one. I think if I did do it again for some reason or another, I would try to actually incorporate chicken into the beer, maybe another fat extraction?? The fat washing of the butter worked very well, the flavor is very strong and there is no oil that I can see in the finished beer, I really think this could be useful to try in other beers and other flavorful oils. I tried it with sesame oil, but didn't add it to a beer, and the flavor was great, It may be a way to get the coconut flavor that people seem to want in porters, you could fat wash some really good coconut oil and use that. Overall it was a fun experience, it was definitely a novelty beer and that's all it could ever be. Best part was watching peoples expressions after drinking it!


theswedishfishh said...

Hello there RyanBrews!

This is a fantastic amount of experimentalism in one beer. I love this. And I love your blog.

I'd love to perform the butter flavor extract on a big, thick Butter Pecan porter I want to brew. How did the butter extraction add to the beer? How did it affect head? And how much do you recommend?

Thanks for being awesome,

Ryan said...

SwedishFish - Thanks for the compliments, I know the actual beer didnt get many :)

If you want to read a bit better post about using butter in homebrew (fat washing) This is the post

A butter pecan porter sounds amazing!

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