Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Pineapple Sour / Cider Second Tasting

Pineapple Cider(71B)Pineapple Sour (US05 + Lacto)
AppearanceInitially it was crystal clear, but the high carbonation dislodged some yeast chunks causing a slight haze, thin very pale yellow head that dissipates very quickly, lots of bubbles,Very clear pale yellow color, minimal bubbling, no foamy head although there are some small remnants of bubbles on the surface, very compact lees in bottle
AromaBig pineapple aroma, with very strong white wine notesVery subtle pineapple aroma, a bit more funky, overall very subdued
TasteNice pineapple flavor up front, more alcohol in the finish that the sour version, it is also a bit more drying/astringent when you drink itextremely subtle pineapple flavor, more white wine-like than anything else
MouthfeelVery highly carbonated, champagne like, to the point of over carbonationLower carbonation, not really sure why, both were carbed to same level, feels much fuller bodied than the “clean” version
DrinkabilityGreat pineapple flavor, alcohol is there but in the background, a bit over carbonated and sightly drying on the palateSubtle pineapple flavor makes this more white wine like, don't really notice much from the lacto
NotesI like the pineapple nose, but don't really care for the drying/astringent feeling when drinking it, it is much more carbonated than the other version, a bit too much alcohol in the finish, very wine likeFairly subtle overall, not much pineapple flavor, this one is kind of earthy and it seems to work well with the other characteristics of the cider, if is definitely like a sparkling dry white wine
ThoughtsI think Ill give this another shot in the next couple weeks, not sure how I'll get a better pineapple flavor, but I think I will eliminate any sugar additions and might even use an ale yeast to hopefully attenuate a bit less. I also don't think Ill be trying another lacto version, although I might try something with some brett, maybe some brett L

1st Tasting - 6/1/2009


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