Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Blog Update & Reformatting

Ive been working on a huge upgrade of my blogger template/site the last few days. The amount of issues that I have had to work through have been astounding. With that said, I'm very sure that there are innumerable more problems that I still have to fix, and that's where Im hoping you can help.

I really need help to fix the last of the bugs on the site, but the biggest problem is finding them all. In the past Ive had issues with different browsers, OS's etc, and its very rare that someone brings it up to me. So, if you come across a problem, please send me a message and let me know whats going on so that I can resolve it. And if you just don't like how Ive redone things, well let me know that as well. I would like to make everything a bit more intuitive and have a lot smoother function for the site overall. And I'm pretty interested to hear what peoples take on the new layout is.


Ryan said...

Ok, there WAS a comment on I thought this post, or at least related to it, and it seems to have disappeared so, I guess I might have another bug on my hands

Whoever sent in the comment, thanks for the heads up on the recipe section, I will adjust so it works now

also I still plan on incorporating the recipes into the posts, I just wanted one location to present all the recipes, as a lot of the older things were getting buried

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