Monday, February 15, 2010

Bare Necessities Sweet Oat Stout Review

Appearance - Jet black with a nice tan head that slowly fades leaving a fair amount of very sticky lacing

Aroma - the aroma is a bit subdued overall, but there is definitely a bittersweet cocoa smell and a hint of coffee

Taste - This beer finished out a lot lower than I was hoping for, so rather than a sweet stout this turned out to be more of a dry stout; there is a fairly strong chocolate flavor that immediately hits you followed by a very round roast flavor; because of how low the FG finished the amount of roast and IBU's have a slightly rough edge on the palate, something a bit higher FG would have rounded out a bit

Mouthfeel - Medium body, much more substantial than you would expect from such a low finishing gravity (1002), carbonation is kept relatively low to offset some of the roast and IBUs and it works pretty well

Drinkability - This beer is a decent drinker, and it goes particularity well with a strongly flavored cheese - Ive been enjoying it with robusto and parano lately, compared to other oatmeal stouts this is a bit easier to drink quite a few of, mostly due to the dry finish. Overall though if I were deciding between this and the IPA I have on tap Id probably choose the IPA

Notes/Thoughts - Overall this beer is OK, it probably would be much better if it had more residual sugars. It is a lot different than the oatmeal stout I generally brew, the other beer is much more bready and is fairly sweet, while this one is much more chocolaty with hints of coffee, both are good beers but aren't really comparable. Would I brew it again? Probably, but I would mash higher and try to retain more sweetness in the beer, I would probably even dial back the IBU's just a bit

Brewday 10/24/09 - Recipe & Notes

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