Thursday, February 18, 2010

HopBurn IPA Review

Appearance - Crystal clear, medium golden color with orange highlights, monumental head that lasts till just about the last sip, significant lacing on the sides of the glass as you drink, probably one of the nicest showings of any beer Ive made!

Aroma - Passionfruit. - I don't know if I can actually add anything to that, SWMBO actually thought it smelled like passionfruit......I was dumbfounded, this is the only time she has actually said anything more than "it smells like beer"

Taste - This beer is remarkably well balanced, it is nicely bitter but has a nice maltiness that really balances the IBU's without being sweet; Passionfruit and grapefruit immediately jump out at you when you drink the beer, I could probably drink this for breakfast with pancakes instead of OJ. Smooth bitter finish that lingers for a short while.

Mouthfeel - Medium body, and it fits it very well. Carbonation is kept medium-low as I prefer lower carbonation in most all of my beers

Drinkability - I really like this beer a lot. I find myself drinking it quite often, even though I'm trying to save a few pints for a friend that's coming into town (huge IPA fan). The only catch is its a bit higher abv (~7.5%) than most of my typical session beers, so a couple and you've got a bit of a buzz

Notes/Thoughts - I am loving this beer right now, every once in awhile you hit a homerun and this is definitely one. Your probably saying isn't every IPA like that?.......No, they aren't; I enjoy a good IPA, but if I had a choice it probably wouldn't be the style I would choose to always have on tap, this beer though has changed my mind. I would dedicate a tap to it.

I really think the "whirlpool" addition of hops I did on this batch had exactly the effect I was hoping for, you can smell the hops from 5ft away! This is definitely a technique I will be using more often, I always wondered how some beers absolutely reeked of hops, maybe this was how they were doing it all along.

The one wish and the only thing I would change was that I would have like to have brewed up a bigger batch than I did.

- click on the photo and check out that clarity! that little streak on the right is co2 bubbles


JC Tetreault said...

that beer is amazingly clear, given the hop (D)IPAs have had terribly cloudy appearance for a long time, undoubtedly from the 1056 + huge hopping. so, hops + 1056 + inability to cold crash + bottle conditioning...really bad combination. I don't care so much about it, as long as it tastes great (they do), but you have to be very careful with the pour as lot of sediment forms. Sort of a dulled, muddied flavor. actually had the same thing happen with an old-ish bottle of pliny once (2.5 months), as i was over aggressive with the pour...I wanted every last drop out of the bottle.

What perceived flavor impact did the imperial blend have vs the standard cal ale yeast?

Ryan said...

Yah I really love the clarity on this one, I tend to have hazier IPA's as well, but I think thats mostly due to how quickly I drink them

I think the impy blend left the beer more malt forward than chico, but its still fairly dry (even with the 40L) I definately like the yeast a lot and will be using it quite a bit in the future

its also a monster attenuator, it took my impy stout to 17% abv before it dropped out, so it can and will eat everything

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