Saturday, January 2, 2010

HopBurn IPA

So somehow last year during the hop shortage I managed to over order hops. Seems that a lot of people I know are in that boat right now, and I'm not even one of the worst I know. That hoarding mentality took over when it looked like I might not be able to get some of my favorite hops for a nice IPA. Luckily for my wallet the new crop came in and has driven prices down substantially and I can afford to do the huge late additions I love in my IPA's.

So in order to clear out my freezer for some fresh hops, I plan on doing a ridiculous amount of late additions. In fact I don't plan on adding anything for longer than 20min! I should be able to clear out my stock pretty quickly like this and have a nice hoppy IPA for around the Super Bowl. I also plan on doing some hop steeping after the boil. Ive read quite a bit about different breweries whirlpool hops and other ways they introduce hops post-boil, and I thought this would be a good time to try as well. So I plan on first chilling the wort to 170F or a bit cooler and adding some steeping hops for about 10min, and then rapidly chilling the wort down to pitching temps. Hopefully this will get me some of the hop character you see in some of the great commercial IPA's.

The beer will focus on American C-type hops, with a very healthy portion of Amarillo and Simcoe. I'm keeping the malt bill very simple to really accentuate the hops, originally I was going to use London ESB 1968, it floccs amazingly, accentuates malt flavors, and is perfectly fruity. If you haven't tried the yeast before I highly recommend it, it makes a great PA or IPA. Sometimes it floccs a bit too well though so its always a good idea to give it a swirl now and again in the fermentor. But I got my hands on a bit of an older Wyeast VSS, the Imperial Blend 9093, and I really want to use it on a high gravity batch I'm planning so I went with it on this batch to build up a large yeast cake.

HopBurn IPA

Malt Bill
All GrainExtract Equiv
Amt (lbs)TypeAmt (lbs)Type
8.02-Row4.5Light DME
--0.5Table Sugar
Amt (oz)TypeTimeAmt (oz)TypeTime

Cascade (7.2%)

Mash Hop1.0Amarillo (9.3%)20 min
1.0Amarillo (9.3%)20 min1.0Simcoe (12.9%)20 min
0.8Simcoe (12.9%)20 min1.0Simcoe (12.9%)5 min
1.0Simcoe (12.9%)5 min1.0Simcoe (12.9%)Post-Boil @170F 10min
1.0Simcoe (12.9%)

Post-Boil @170F 10min

1.0Amarillo (9.3%)Post-Boil @170F 10min
1.0Amarillo (9.3%)Post-Boil @170F 10min1.0Cascade (7.2%)Dry Hop
1.0CascadeDry Hop---
Mash Schedule
168F1.6qt/lb15min - vorlauf---
YeastImperial Blend - 9093 x 2 packs + 3L starter
73% effIBU73NAIBU72
4gal BoilFG4gal Boil

Notes - I collected an additional 1.5gal of 1040 wort for use in starters, pushing my overall efficiency to 93% !! I'm still dialing in my barley crusher, but at 93% I think I try the current setting again. Only a 3gal batch was made because essentially this beer is a large yeast starter for an upcoming high gravity batch.

Review - 2/18/10 - Notes & Thoughts


Jim Lemire said...

I know this is an older thread - hoping you will still answer a question though.

Am I reading it correctly, that you used a total of 6.8 oz of hops for a 3 gallon batch?

I'm setting up a recipe for something like this and always seem to struggle with the correct flavor/aroma/dry hop amounts


Ryan said...

yup you got it right theres 6.8oz of hops for a 3gal batch

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