Thursday, November 12, 2009

Soured Wit/Gose with Cherries Review

Appearance - Very red, reminiscent of a slightly pale strawberry soda, Moderate amount of head that dissipates to a thin ring around the glass. Small amounts of lacing on the glass, slightly hazy from yeast that was swirled before pouring.

Aroma - First whiff is very sweet and bready, followed by a strong phenolic finish with cherries throughout. I am actually surprised by how strong the spicy phenolic aroma is.

Taste - The beer is mildly tart with a strong cherry flavor. Just like it smells there is a nice phenolic note that is reminiscent of a witbier. Hops are non-existent, and the beer is not really dry but by no means is it sweet. Alcohol is very hidden. The version with salt added seems to have a much brighter cherry character and has a bit rounder flavor. Coriander is extremely sublte.

Mouthfeel - Highly carbonated, a bit prickly on the tongue, medium-low body that really feels bigger than it is from the high carbonation. Salt version feels slicker and has slightly more body.

Drinkability - Very easy to drink, has a soda-like quality from the high carbonation and strong cherry flavor, but unlike soda it doesn't become cloying and too sweet after more than one. The salted version is a much richer beer and has more of a dessert quality to it, it really is remarkable how different the two beers are. This beer is definately not a session type beer, the flavors are a bit too strong, but it is a nice after dinner drink.

Notes/Thoughts - I'm surprised by how much of a difference there is in the bottles that had salt added. In fact I wish I had added salt to more of the bottles, I haven't tried yet but plan on adding some salt to the glass to see if I can get a similar effect. Initially I was a bit disappointed that the beer didn't turn out a bit more tart, but after adding some lactic acid to the glass I was surprised how all of the subtleties in the beer were overpowered.

If I do the beer again I think I will do the following

1. Cut back on the wheat and add some oats
2. Add a touch of a light crystal malt to help round out the cherry flavor
3. Add salt to all of the bottles!
4. Up the amount of coriander used to emphasize its fruit flavors


Reverend Ten High said...

Lovin' your blog man! Maybe i'm not getting it right or doing something wrong, but i just wanted to let you know that the link to Brewday Recipe & Notes on your soured wit w/ cherries leads to your rustic saison post.

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