Friday, November 20, 2009

Off the Wall 1gal Batches - Got any ideas?

Lately I haven't been doing much off the wall stuff with my brewing. Now while I still really enjoy brewing up a nice pale ale, a hefe, IPA, or whatever else you would want to brew, its just not as fun as brewing up something really crazy. Not to sound arrogant, but I think Ive gotten to the point in my brewing that just about whatever I make it will turn out to be a pretty solid beer. There just isn't that feeling of nervous excitement and anxiety anymore when I'm about to try my latest batch. I just dont worry anymore....Is it gonna be good? Is it gonna be a drain pour? Will anyone else like it? I guess I just miss that moment when I popped open a bottle eager to find out, and it turned out far better than I could've hoped.

This indifference hadn't really come to a head until a couple of recent threads on BA got me really thinking about some crazy beers to consider. In one of the threads a hot wing beer is mentioned, and half-jokingly a bleu cheese beer is suggested to pair with it.......I loved both ideas! I don't think these beers will turn out to be everyday or even every month drinkers, and yah its a bit gimmicky but I think it will be a lot of fun watching people try these beers out. I can't wait to see someones face when they are eating hot wings and chasing it with a ranch or bleu cheese beer! Ive really been missing that excitement in my brewing and these ideas have really revitalized my passion for brewing.

After the initial shock of actually considering a hot wing beer faded and I sat there sipping on an English Pale Ale(review to come soon), the more I thought about it, the more I liked the idea of doing a series of 1gal batches that are really out there. Things that no one else has tried, or even thought about trying, batches that will really try my brewing technique and creativity. In addition to the hot wing beer Ive got at least one more idea that I plan on brewing, but I'm open to trying out just about anything at this point. So if you have a crazy weird way out there idea for a beer, and your just not insane enough to try it yourself drop me a line and maybe I can brew it up for you, Id even send you one to try yourself!


Owd Müller said...

Apparently roquefort mold will grow on malt agar so you could try pitching some in a batch. I'd be worried about it going toxic, not sure how you would test for that.

Dooser said...

I'm currently attempting an Old Rasputin Russian Imperial Stout clone.

Some ingredient ideas I've had:
-tea or other herbal infusion type plants (eucalyptus or chamomile is a light ale?)
-maple syrup
-coffee coffee coffee
-red pepper?

Ryan said...

Hmm didnt know that about p roquefort, I went and read a couple papers, seems that some show that the commercial strain (in cheeses) can produce it and others show no production at all..... Ill probably stay away from using the culture to be safe

Eucalyptus sounds pretty interesting, how did you incorporate it into your beer?

Dan said...

I hear you. Each new beer I make has to be something bigger, badder, crazier. However, I am tackling a style I've never made before this week: Cal Common.

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