Saturday, November 7, 2009

Neo-Berliner Weiss

So, after my last berliner weiss didn't turn out nice and sour like I was hoping, I decided to brew up another. The problem with the previous batch was that the yeast culture I had received from Al on BBB had sat in the Arizona heat for ~12hrs in my mailbox, and while it fermented nicely there was next to no sourness well, that was until the rhubarb was added. Luckily Al was kind enough to send out another vial of his Berliner blend, this time when it wasn't as hot as Hades.

While I was very appreciative of Al sending out another vial of yeast/lacto, I wasn't very keen on having another batch of Berliner sitting around (Ive got ~5gal in bottles still), so I thought I'd change up the malt bill a bit to keep things slightly more interesting.

In the Berliners I've brewed the wheat flavor is always very strong, and while it does fade it takes a considerable amount of time. Now your probably saying, this is a wheat beer! why all the complaining? I'm not! I just wanted something a bit different, something that would set it apart from all the other berliners Ive brewed. So I decided to use a nearly all pils malt bill with a bit of acid malt thrown in (I split the batch and wanted that in for the other beer). I pitched the lacto/yeast mix when the wort cooled to ~70F and I'm letting the temp fall a bit. Thankfully this time around the starter smelled nice and sour, so Ive got a lot of hope for this one turning out nicely. I'm hoping the lacto will go to town on this beer because Ive promised some of the culture to a buddy whose brewing up a Lingonberry Sour next weekend.

It took some time but I finally brought him over to the dark side aka sour brewing. So this weekend he's gonna try his first sour beer, and while a lacto beer is pretty tame as far as wild brewing go, it is a baby step in the right direction. It would be nice to have another sour brewer around, it can be eye opening to try someones beers whose influences are leading them down a slightly different path than your own.

Neo-Berliner Weiss

Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
0.25Acid Malt
Amt (grams)TypeTime (min)
5Simcoe (12.9%)10
Mash Schedule
170F2qt/lb15min - vorlauf
YeastAl B's Berliner Blend
2gal+0.5gal top upOG1042
85% effIBU6
2.5gal BoilFG
Notes: 0.5 gal of top up water was used to dilute the OG down to suitable levels for a berliner, higher than normal mash temp was used because the wort was split between a number of on-going projects, and this one was the lowest priority, I guess I'll find out in a couple weeks if that's gonna be a deal breaker


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