Friday, November 20, 2009

Hot Wing Beer? FTW

So for the first installment of some pretty weird 1gal batches I will be putting together a hot wing beer. A hot wing beer you say? Yes, and I am using Franks Red Hot Sauce, vinegar, and butter in the batch. Whoa whoa whoa butter?!?! Fats are a big no no in beer, well technically fats are but I wont really be using actual butter fat in the beer. I will be using a technique called fat washing on the butter.

Fat washing allows you to extract the strong flavors out of flavorful fats/oils and use them in things like beer where lipids are a big no no. Basically what you do is mix a flavorful fat/oil like butter or sesame oil with alcohol. You then let the the mixture settle, and two layers will form. Take this and toss it in the freezer for a couple hours, the fats will freeze the alcohol will not. Drain off the alcohol and you'll have liqueur flavored like whatever oil/fat you used. From my experience with this I recommend freezing two or three times to make sure no fat makes it into the final product.

When I first started playing with the technique I began by using Everclear and the resulting extractions tasted just like the original oil, and generally were very clear. Unfortunately this time around I didn't have any Everclear handy so I went with Vodka. It shouldn't matter too much, but I will probably pick up some additional compounds due to the water in vodka (things that aren't very alcohol soluble). From my experiences making homemade vanilla extract I expected some color contribution from the butter due to the water soluble compounds (with vanilla the vodka is brown, whereas everclear extraction is yellow) and that's exactly what I got.

To make my butter extraction I took ~6-8tbsp of butter and melted it in the microwave. I allowed this to slightly cool and then added 2-3oz of vodka. I shook the mixture several times over the course of an hour or so, and then left the mix to separate. After ~30min it had separated pretty well so I tossed it in the freezer. The next morning I pulled it out, poked two holes in the fat and let the vodka drain out. It was very milky white and smelled just like butter! Of course I had to try it, and well that was probably one of the most disgusting experiences of my life...don't expect butter flavored vodka on grocery store shelves anytime soon. It was like eating melted butter and doing a shot of vodka, ugh. But this was what I was shooting for, nobody said it would be good. ......

To make the rest of the beer I will be using a pils extract base and hopping very low. After fermentation completes Franks Red Hot and vinegar will be added and allowed to ferment out. Finally when bottling the butter will be added to taste. Anybody up for some wings?

Hot Wing Beer
Malt Bill
Amt (lbs)Type
0.70Pilsner Extract (Briess)
Amt (oz)TypeTime
0.1Simcoe (13.2%)10
Amt (oz)NameAdded
TBDFranks Red Hot SauceSecondary
2-3 DashesMalt VinegarBottling
TBDButter ExtractionBottling
Yeast2nd Gen Nottingham
0.75gal BatchOG1041
Eff - NAIBU10
0.75bal BoilFG

Upcoming Batch - Ranch or Bleu Cheese Beer


Silas said...

Hey, I'm very interested in how this came out. How was the final product? What was the final recipe. If you want, shoot me an email at silas1128(at)

look forward to hearing from you.

Ryan said...

I havent tried it yet, but I hope to catch up on a lot of tastings soon and I will be sure let you know when I do this one

Silas said...

Have you "guestimated" the ratios of the redhots/butter and what not? I have specific request to brew some hot wing beer. probably making a 5 gallon batch.

Brewsader said...

I like the process with the butter and vodka. I've been thinking (not too hard) about ways to use BBQ in beer. A little pulled pork could be nice in... well something I'm sure. I may have to try something like that to half a batch or so.

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