Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rustic Saison - Review

Appearance - A nice golden color with orange highlights, dense head that slowly gives way to a very dense high amount of lacing that really clings to the glass

Aroma - Slightly biscuity, spicy with subtle phenolics, hints of banana and bread

Taste - Biscuity, hints of banana and other fruits(pears?), spice present in the finish but it is restrained, there are some flavors that are very hard to describe but they very earthy

Mouthfeel - Medium bodied with moderate carbonation. Leaves youf mouth slightly dry after you swallow making you want to take another sip.

Drinkability - I wasn't sure about this beer a month or so ago, but a bit more time cold conditioning and it has really come together, Ive really had to restrain myself with this one lately. It goes down very smooth, the body makes it quite a bit fuller feeling than a typical commercial saison, but its a great thirst quencher, and its easy to put back 3 or 4 before you even notice it.

Notes/Thoughts - I really like the flavor profile that the Blaugies strain provides, and I'm assuming the great mouthfeel and body is from the spelt, I think I will be using spelt a lot more often as I'm not a big fan of the meaty grainy flavor you get from using wheat, it has its place, but I think that's more in the realm of hefes and weizenbocks. Ive also never used biscuit at such a high percentage, but I think that really worked well with the beer, its not overpowering but it is definitely present


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