Thursday, October 15, 2009

Flanders Red 2009

So I just recently bottled a ~1yr old Flanders Red that was really getting good, and I really wanted to reuse the yeast cake. So it was time to brew up another! Roeselare packs are kind of hard to come by this time of year, luckily though I'm pretty much the only sour/funky brewer at my LHBS. I was even able to score two packs of Roeselare for the price of one! I really wish WY would come out with Roeselare in the fall, when its traditional to brew up sour beers. Its just too tough sometimes to control the temperature during the summer months, and the cool fall/winter temps help to slow fermentation down and produce a more complex beer.

My last attempt at a Flanders Red incorporated some maltodextin to make sure the brett/pedio had something to chew on after the sacch had fermented out. The last batch was brewed with a fresh smack pack of Roeselare, and in my limited experience the first pitching is usually pretty bland, so I added the maltodextrin to supply the bugs with a food source as things progressed. Additionally I left the beer on the yeast cake, whereas a Flanders Red is usually racked off the cake after the vigorous fermentation has died down.

Now I'm not sure if it was the combination of the yeast cake and maltodextrin but contrary to my other experience with smack packs of Roeselare, the beer turned out wonderfully sour with a great deal of cherry in the nose. So I'm hoping to produce something very similar this time but with some added complexities (hoping to ferment very cool). I have changed the malt bill every so slightly and did not use maltodextrin, just went with my gut feeling this year and left it out. . I plan on adding last years yeast cake a few days after adding the smack packs. I decided on waiting because after a year in the fermentor I'm pretty sure not everything in the cake is viable, and Id like to let the smack packs take hold to ensure I have all the bugs I need. I'm not sure at this point if I'll rack it off the cake this year, I think I'll give it a taste in a month or two and see how things are progressing and may even add some maltodextrin at that point

Flanders Red 2009

Malt Bill
All Grain
Amt (lbs)Type
0.5Special B
Amt (oz)TypeTime
0.50Nugget (13.0%)60
Mash Schedule
169F1.9qt/lb20min (vorlauf)
YeastRoeselare Smack Pack + yr old yeast cake
80% effIBU17
7gal BoilFG1012


Jeffrey Crane said...

I have a my first Flanders Red going right now. I have heard similar things about being not quite sour enough the first pitch. I was going to taste at 6 months then add maltodextrin. Just curious how much you added and is there somewhere cheaper than the homebrew store to get it?

Ryan said...

ugh, with the blog reformatting this post looks terrible!

I added roughly 1# per 5gal batch, and Ive actually never seen the stuff anywhere than a LHBS, if you find a cheaper supply Id love to know about it!

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